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The Protocall Digital Platform harnesses the power of emerging technology to deliver a pathway for accelerating your digital strategy. Carrier and agency-facing dashboards, iOS/Android feature-rich mobile apps for policyholders, and a secure back end provide immediate digital value across the whole insurance journey.

Consider Why We Stand Out

We take the guesswork (and the legwork) out of agency and customer facing digital.
Complementing Your Digital Ecosystem

Your digital ecosystem consists of the traditional methods by which carriers, agents and policyholders communicate: phone, email, web portals, social media, snail mail, etc. The Protocall platform is uniquely designed to bridge existing gaps in the digital ecosystem to improve and enhance the connectivity between the carrier, agent and policyholder. More than just a mobile app, Protocall is a comprehensive digital platform giving carriers and agents the ability to connect with policyholders in real time through carrier and agency facing dashboards. Flexible in design and implementation, Protocall seamlessly integrates with your existing digital offerings to efficiently and effectively transform your digital strategy.

Energizing Your Delivery System

The Protocall platform is revolutionizing the way carriers, agents and policyholders stay connected. The user-friendly mobile app gives policyholders the convenience to manage nearly all aspects of their policies from the convenience of a smart phone. The agent and carrier can respond in real time through the agency and carrier facing dashboards, thereby energizing your delivery system with efficiency of use and immediacy of response. 

Fast Accurate Claims

Delight your customers with a superior claims experience. With the Protocall app, policyholders can file and manage the claims process in real time from the convenience of a smart phone. With Protocall’s user-friendly features and functionality, policyholders can submit a claim digitally, and even upload pictures directly from the point of loss. The agency-facing dashboard gives agents the ability to monitor claim status and manage the claims process in real time right from their desktop. The efficient flow of information between the policyholder, agent and carrier results in a more efficient claims response and faster claims resolution. 

Security First

Security is everything! Protocall utilizes Google Cloud Platform, which has been certified with one of the most internationally accepted independent security standards, ISO 27001. Audits completed on the Google Cloud Platform are supplemented with additional security protections built into the Protocall platform, such as PCIDSS, the industry standard for safeguarding online payment transactions. Your sensitive and confidential data remain secure and protected using the highest available encryption and security standards.

Agents will Champion The Protocall Solution

Uniquely designed for the independent space, Protocall has agents excited – here’s why. With Protocall, the agent operates a single dashboard through which it can manage the policies and claims for multiple carriers across its book of business. Every carrier who partners with Protocall allows the app to come alive with premium features and functions for their insureds. The agent workflow is made more efficient through use of a single dashboard rather than mastering different dashboards from each of the carriers it represents. These agents will readily champion the Protocall platform and will promote adoption by policyholders, thereby driving business opportunities to the carrier.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Today’s consumers seek information via the web and prefer the convenience of conducting business from a mobile device. The Protocall app provides a superior mobile experience, giving your policyholders the ability to efficiently manage almost every aspect of the insurance journey from the push of a button on a smart phone. The Protocall app is loaded with features that give customers all the tools needed to conveniently manage policies anytime or anywhere. Policyholders enjoy a positive insurance experience and improved customer satisfaction.

On-Boarding With Ease

Developing and supporting a mobile framework can be a massive undertaking, potentially overwhelming limited financial and IT resources. With the Protocall platform, pre-assessment, implementation, maintenance and ongoing IT support are all included. Protocall partners with your IT department to insure that the onboarding process is efficient, effective and trouble-free. Throughout the process, Protocall collaborates with your IT department to insure that the safety and security of your data remains the ultimate priority.

Leveraging Carrier Legacy Systems

Internal concerns about legacy system technology can stall your digital strategy. The Protocall platform eliminates connectivity issues with its flexible design and implementation. An optional leading-edge “bridge” solution can be incorporated to seamlessly connect agency legacy systems with emerging app technology. This middleware option facilitates a flawless and secure digital transfer of data between disparate systems, unifying IT platforms, streamlining access to data, and providing better and more efficient workflows.

Flexible Solutions to Integrate With Your Existing Portals

The Protocall platform offers carriers multiple and flexible integration options. Uniquely agile in design and implementation, the Protocall platform is customized to integrate seamlessly with a carrier’s existing agency and customer portals. We collaborate with the carrier to tailor the Protocall platform to fully enhance and complement your existing digital offerings.