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Technology advances provide new and optimal opportunities for independent agents to enhance the services provided to existing customers. Protocall harnesses leading edge technology in a feature-rich mobile app and digital platform giving policyholders the tools to manage insurance policies from a mobile device. Browser-based agency dashboards closely connect agents to customers, allowing for efficient servicing of policies in real time and improving agent productivity.

Here's Why Agents Love Us

We really mean it when we say that you won’t believe the cost!
A Technology Solution to Help Compete with the Direct Writers

The Protocall platforms gives agents the digital tools they need to compete with the direct writers. The feature-rich and user-friendly Protocall mobile app rivals any insurance app currently offered. The Protocall app gives your policyholders a comprehensive feature set allowing them to conveniently access policy information on the go. With the touch of a button, your policyholders can manage nearly all aspects of their insurance journey while digitally connecting with the agent and carrier, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined insurance experience.

Free to Agents

Insurance carriers have embraced the Protocall platform as a new and optimal opportunity to digitally enhance the services provided to customers. Protocall provides full onboarding assistance, including agent training and support and a promotional campaign to customers, all at no cost to the agency.

Co-Branded Between Agency and Carrier

Featuring carrier and agency facing dashboards, and a mobile app that is user-friendly and robust in functionality, the Protocall platform brings the agent, policyholder and carrier closer together through leading-edge technology. Protocall’s groundbreaking platform offers a uniquely co-branded mobile app, giving each policyholder a user experience that is customized specifically for them. Provided by the carrier, and championed by the agent, the Protocall platform brings value to the carrier (improved customer retention), the agent (improved customer satisfaction), and the policy-holder (improved customer experience).

For Agents By Agents

Protocall developers possess deep experienced-based understanding of the insurance industry and the specific challenges faced by agents today. The design and development phase of the platform also incorporated input from agents across the country regarding their experiences, needs and concerns unique to the independent space. In response to this feedback, the Protocall platform was created, finally giving agents and their customers leading-edge technology and a digital toolbox of app features they need to efficiently manage nearly all facets of the insurance journey. Through the web-based agency dashboard, agents gain real-time access to their customers' mobile requests, thereby improving the agent’s workflow efficiency and strengthening the connectivity of the relationship between the agent and policyholder.

Stay Closer To Your Customers

Today’s consumers are smart and want the convenience of conducting business digitally through a mobile device. Giving policy-holders the ability to digitally manage nearly all aspects of the insurance journey creates increased opportunities to engage with the agent, rather than only when a loss has been incurred. This digital connection between the agent and the policy-holder improves the connectivity with the customer and results in a stronger customer relationship.

The Features You’ve Been Looking For

Not only does the Protocall platform give policyholders the ability to manage their policies on the go, but the Protocall platform was also designed to give the agent all the significant tools and features they need to access policies in real time. Protocall’s agency-facing dashboard helps to ease the agent’s work flow, allowing the agent to efficiently and effectively move between policy update requests, claims, and insured information. Agents have the power to change the look and feel of the Protocall mobile app, and can make updates in real time.  The app offers a wide range of features to empower customers to manage nearly all aspects of the insurance experience from the touch of a button: file claims, pay premiums, view proof of insurance, and more. The Protocall platform will significantly improve the connectivity between the policyholder, the agent and the carrier.